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Workplace Coaching

Effective supervisors and managers increasingly use coaching to help employees improve performance, develop skills, and advance their careers in the workplace.

The coaching approach to managing employee performance is proving to be more effective than the counseling approach because of the way coaching supports the employee’s self-esteem and professional development. Coaching continually sends a message of encouragement and possibility to the employee.

IPDS offers a variety of coaching sessions and strategies, such as the following:

Principles of Effective Employee Coaching - “How To Become A Workplace Coach”™ This training was designed to equip supervisors and/or managers with practical and result-oriented techniques to help them become effective workplace coaches. This training is highly interactive and provides ample hands-on opportunities for participants to practice new skills in a non-threatening environment.

This training can be customized to meet your organizational needs and expectations.

Executive Coaching

This is a one-on-one strategic approach that provides confidential coaching for senior level professionals and executives incorporating a value-added cultural perspective for those who are bicultural or simply new to Corporate America. The program focuses on enhancing organizational performance, as well as professional development and communication to increase the value that you bring to your organization, to learn to walk the talk (and also how to deal with those who don't), to deal more effectively with difficult people and corporate situations, to develop confidence as a professional, to have a sounding board, to strategize your personal and professional development, so that you will be able to be considered for executive positions as they become available in your organization of choice. Learning to strategize your future in the American business world can provide long-term professional and personal fulfillment, as well as career success.

How IPDS Does It

  • A Free, 30-minute introductory session

  • A complete Executive Analysis, and appropriate assessments

  • Three or Four sessions per month, 30-, 60- minutes in length

  • Unlimited Coach-on-Call (telephone or email when you need a question answered or simply some guidance).

Strategic Supervisory Training from a Cultural Perspective

  • Building an Environment of Respect, Collaboration, and Productivity™                                                                     

  • Principles of Team Building – How To Build A Winning Team™

  • Principles Of Effective Workplace Communication™

  • Principles of Effective Employee Coaching – How To Become A Workplace Coach™                                                                          

  • Assessing Employee Performance™                                            

  • How To Conduct Result-Oriented Counseling/Disciplinary Sessions™                                                                                      

  • How To Effectively Deal With Difficult Employees™                              

  • Becoming A Role Model For Employees™                                                

  • Effective Goal Setting™                                                                          

  • Principles of Motivation – How To Motivate Yourself and Others™     

  • Basics of Floor Operations: Communicating Information Visually™

  • Achieving Results Through Teaming: Communicating Expectations Visually™                         

These courses have been researched, developed, instructed, and evaluated by IPDS, LLC.
In the interest of providing your business with the most current information on the above mentioned topics,
IPDS, LLC reserves the right to update all facilitation materials as deemed necessary.
The above listed courses are considered intellectual property of International Professional Development Services, LLC.

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