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Following are samples of frequently asked questions and comments concerning the Hispanic/Latino workforce. If you would like to learn more about how to communicate with your Spanish-speaking workforce, contact us today.

  • Do ESL classes help my Hispanic/Latino  workforce in the way of increasing productivity?
ESL classes are highly beneficial in meeting long-term language objectives. These classes follow the traditional academic approach. However, IPDS approaches linguistic competence and proficiency in a very practical and effective manner by focusing on basic English communication skills used in the workplace. This approach also addresses cultural differences that may adversely impact the work environment.

This approach creates awareness of the English language as well as an idea of how business is conducted in the United States.

  • Absenteeism and Tardiness is notorious among Hispanic/Latino employees. Why don’t they get the importance of being punctual?

Business time constraints for many Hispanic/Latino employees are very hard to grasp. Due to cultural differences, many of these employees live by the motto “Better later than never” and consequently, do not take into account the financial and productivity loss that companies may incur. They also may not be aware of the importance of calling their companies to inform them that they will be late, or giving them advance notice of a necessary absence or tardiness.

IPDS can help you train your Hispanic/Latino workforce by addressing these issues and implementing a behavioral modification program which in turn will assist your business in maximizing its overall efficiency and productivity.

  • My workers seem to understand everything, I say. However, occasionally they don’t follow given instructions?

Many Hispanic/Latino employees feel uncomfortable admitting that they don’t understand what is being asked of them and have a high sense of pride. They fear being criticized or loosing their job for not understanding and agreeing to what they are being asked to do.

IPDS approaches issues such as this one by addressing cultural differences and providing employees with practical solutions and techniques to fully comply with work expectations.

  • My workers have an employee manual in Spanish, so they are fully cognizant of their duties, and what their rights are.

In many cases a translated employee manual and other documents used in the workplace are helpful and serve as complimentary materials when training your workforce. However, many Hispanic/Latino employees are illiterate in their own language, and being handed written documents to follow will not guarantee their full understanding of workplace rules and regulations.

IPDS offers training sessions to build language communication skills and trains employees on how to make use of the prevalent workplace materials being handed to them. In addition, IPDS offers translation services to help you reach out to these employees.

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